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11. Investors

The Hague is a growing city. For years, it has been a magnet for internationals and professionals, and lately it is also attracting more and more students as well. This steady stream of new residents is spurred in particular by the presence of the numerous international organisations located here. Indeed, The Hague is not just the seat of government of the Netherlands, but also one of the most important UN cities in the world.

Due in large part to the presence of the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and dozens of other important international organisations, The Hague is widely recognised as the international city of peace and justice. For many decades, people have been working together here in The Hague to tackle global challenges.

That’s why companies like Shell, Total and Siemens have chosen to locate their head offices or important operations here. But with the development of The Hague Security Delta, the biggest security cluster in Europe, more and more start-ups and technology firms are also choosing to come to The Hague. Large and small, long-established and innovative: these companies are located in and around the Beatrixkwartier, the second most important business district in the Netherlands. Easily accessible, close to the historic city centre and just a stone’s throw away from the eleven-kilometre long sandy beach. That’s unique in Europe.

An important consideration among many of the new residents who’ve chosen to put down roots in The Hague is that it possesses big city and international facilities on the one hand, as well as wide expanses of park and nature. The Hague is both compact and cosmopolitan, personal and international.

The appeal of The Hague as a great place to live and as a base of operations for multinationals, along with its status as the seat of the Dutch government and international city of peace and justice: it’s all of these things combined that make it a city offering outstanding investment opportunities.

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