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The Hague has a new typographic logo, which makes the name of the city immediately recognisable. All businesses, institutions and organisations can freely use the typographic logo in their marketing and promotion of the city of The Hague.

Download the typographic logotype The Hague

Download the zip file with all the versions of the logo. For the use of this logo we kindly refer you to the guidelines.

The logo was developed by a collective of nine professional designers, in dialogue with representives of several City of the Hague marketing platforms. The designers drew their inspiration from the fact that The Hague is world-renowned as the international city of peace and justice and as the city by the sea.

They ensured that the typographic logo is easy to use and can be applied to various means of communication and different target groups. The logo represents the connection of the diversity in The Hague: an international city of style, but with a no nonsense mentality. Different worlds tied together by the city.

film typographic logo:

Footage Typrographic Logo

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